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“Unlimited opportunity lies on the road less traveled” Dusty

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Kimberly “Dusty” Leal is now life coaching individuals facing serious health issues. After closing The Dusty’s Place Scleroderma Research Program, Dusty continued to get requests for help from people facing the serious health challenges of scleroderma. Unable to ignore these inquiries, she has formally become available as a support system in the capacity of a “Wellness Consultant”. Although an automotive business consultant by trade, she does set aside a limited amount of time to help people in this capacity.

Dusty brings a unique perspective to her consulting based on the success of her recovery and her subsequent involvement working with people in The Dusty’s Place Scleroderma Research Program. She can relate through her experience, to situations that most people in a health care support system can not. Dusty has been told by many people she has worked with that this understanding has been invaluable to them.

Dusty’s background in life coaching began in the mid 1990’s when she took a twelve week Dale Carnegie seminar called, Leadership and Management Skills. At the time, she was a controller for an automobile dealership and was looking to improve her communication and management skills. Upon her successful completion of this course, including numerous acknowledgements for achievement, she was recruited by the class instructor to return to the next class as a graduate assistant.

Graduate Assistants worked with three to five class participants at a time during the twelve week course. This allowed students to receive more individualized coaching. Contact was made weekly between the assistant and the student to discuss their lessons, work on goals and discuss any challenges. The assistant worked in conjuction with the instructor on the progress of his/her students. Dusty loved working with the diverse group of people that she met, many of whom were in management at Fortune 500 companies.

Dusty worked as a graduate assistant for three years. Motivating people to reach their highest potential brought her a great deal of fulfillment. It was an easy segue for her to go from a business platform to offering her compassion and experience to those suffering from scleroderma.

If you are interested in complementing your health care team with the addition of Dusty, the following is a broad overview of some of the highlights of working with her;

  • Dusty knows what it “feels” like to have scleroderma. She can relate to her clients on a level that only somebody with scleroderma can.
  • Dusty offers tips for preparing for a doctor’s visit so that the patient and doctor’s time is maximized,
  • Dusty is familiar with most types of Complementary and Alternative therapies and can share her experiences with these methods.
  • Dusty works with her clients on feeling more comfortable in becoming empowered with their health care decisions.
  • Dusty has studied laboratory tests with a focus on anti-nuclear antibody tests. She does not diagnose from laboratory results but can interpret the different types of tests in regards to what the acronyms mean.
  • Dusty understands the stress that scleroderma can inflict on relationships. She offers first hand tips on working through these issues, including intimacy issues brought on by the physical limitations of scleroderma.
  • Dusty understands the physical limitations of scleroderma. She understands that even the smallest task can be very challenging or extremely painful. She offers tips on managing many of these difficult situations both physically and emotionally.
  • Dusty believes in utilizing the best of what both Western and Complementary and Alternative Medicine have to offer as long as it is of benefit to the patient.
  • Dusty continues to study and learn all types of healing modalities.
  • Dusty continues to help people thus bringing the richness of those experiences into all of her coaching sessions.
  • Dusty has experienced the relentless pain of scleroderma. She can offer tips on how she managed hers.
  • Dusty was sick for over 7 ½ years and was financially challenged by it. She has recovered from this and can share her experiences on how she managed her life financially during that time.
  • Dusty brings her wonderful experience from working with students in the Dale Carnegie Seminars. Her three years of helping people reach their highest potential in the Carnegie seminars has been an enormous benefit to her wellness consulting.
  • Dusty has recovered from scleroderma.

PLEASE NOTE - Kimberly "Dusty" Leal DOES NOT diagnose nor treat disease.

After her recovery, Dusty continued her studies in various areas of healing. Some of the people that she has studied under are;

Cameron Dawson – The Dawson Program
Dr. Eric Pearl - Reconnection Healing
Katherine Zimmerman PhD CHT - Emotional Freedom Technique
Kenji Kumara - Quantum Lightweaving
Mary Witt - Reiki 1
Angela Burr-Madsen T.N. – Naturopathy - Dusty worked with Angela in conjunction with the participants of the Dusty’s Place Scleroderma Research Program.

Dusty has also taken many other classes in different types of therapies, including but not limited to;
Essential Oils
Flower Essences
Resonance Repatterning (formerly Holographic Repatterning)
Touch for Health

Dusty's coaching is not limited to people with scleroderma. She works with individuals facing a wide range of auto-immune disorders.

If you are interested in more information or would like to talk to Dusty, please call her office at 530 672-2473 or you can email her at dusty1798@earthlink.net.

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